The Beer

Our Texas Amber is an
American-style amber lager, pouring
dark but brewed to be smooth and
medium bodied. A blend of U.S. and
imported hops imparts a hint of
bitterness to balance out the malty
sweetness from darker malts, giving
it a crisp yet sweet finish. 4.9% ABV.

All our beers are brewed legendarily in Houston texas

The Kolsch

Our Texas Kölsch pours golden in color.
It is brewed with a Kölsch yeast
to give
faint fruity notes. It is lagered and
then dry hopped with a blend of
American and European hops. Even
with this great hop character, our
Texas Kölsch is
an easy-drinking
seasonal beer.
Perfect for hot, lazy
at the lake.
4.5% ABV.

The Red

Pouring chestnut in color,
has a malty sweetness,
backed by a
mild hop bitterness.
The beer also
features a hefty dose
of dry hopping
with Citra and
Cascade, giving off
reminiscent of melons and
5.5% ABV.